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Welcome to RJV Construction

RJV Construction is an underground utility contractor based in Canton, MA, specializing in water and sewer enhancements. We take pride in providing reliable services to the nearly five million residents of the Greater Boston Area and making a difference in this thriving metropolis. 

The roots of our family-owned business trace back to 1921, when the Pacella family immigrated to Boston from Sulmona, Italy. Over 100 years later, our equipment still boldly bears the distinguished PACELLA name.

At the heart of our company lie four guiding principles: quality, teamwork, passion, and dedication. These core values are instilled in our work every single day and are the driving force behind everything we do.  

Our Workplace Culture 

Our culture at RJV Construction centers around teamwork, collaboration, and camaraderie. Each owner personally knows every employee, and treats them with care, respect, and support.   

We invest in our team's personal and professional growth by providing regular safety training, instilling confidence, and nurturing leadership skills. Equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology and equipment in the industry, there's no limit to what we can achieve.

Above all, our main goal is to prioritize the well-being of our employees by adhering to our motto, "Put People First”, so we can all go home safely to our families at the end of each day.  

The Perks of Working with Us  

To keep everyone well-informed and connected, we send out a monthly newsletter covering everything from project highlights and company updates to birthdays and work anniversaries.   

In this newsletter, we also recognize outstanding achievements with awards like CDL Driver of The Month for a driver meeting our goals, the No Hit Club for a crew meeting our targets, and the Safety Stand Out Award for a team member demonstrating exceptional safety practices. 

Beyond the newsletter, we host quarterly celebrations, friendly pipe tapping competitions, and a monthly town hall to discuss important topics as a team. We believe that transparency is instrumental to our success as a team-focused organization. 

We also host an annual holiday party at the shop and give out two special awards, Core Value Teammate of the Year and Crew of the Year. The Core Value Teammate of the Year award is nominated by the team and Crew of the Year is recognized by management. This gathering provides a great opportunity to unite and celebrate work that exceeds expectations. 

RJV’s unwavering commitment to a supportive, rewarding, and forward-thinking environment ensures every team member thrives and succeeds in their role. 

Voices from the Heart of RJV  

By now, you’ve heard plenty about our workplace culture from us, so we’ll turn to the voices at the heart of RJV and hear directly from some of our teammates about their firsthand experiences.   

Foreman/Operator Joseph Leonida has been an integral part of our company for over two decades. He shares, “I began my employment with RJV in 2002. I came here with drive and ambitions but lacked the needed qualifications and knowledge. But this is where the company and its long-standing employees step in with training, advice, and guidance.” 

Joseph Hunt, another Operator/Foreman, has been with our company for over 15 years and says, “Working at RJV isn’t a job I dread waking up to go do every day, I enjoy coming to work and look forward to the challenges our trade presents us with. The group of people I get to work with every day are ones that I would spend time with after hours or on weekends.” 

Christopher Bullock, a Superintendent who has been with us for over two years, also shared his perspective. He says, “It's possible to learn something new about this job every single day, you just have to be looking for it. A good benefit is that everyone here wants everyone else to succeed. Everyone will always help or answer questions if you ask because it makes the company as a whole better.” 

Here at RJV, we embrace a workplace culture rooted in tradition and a shared passion for construction, so it's no surprise we have team members celebrating their 25th work anniversary. 

Join the RJV Construction Team  

As we continue to expand our team, we invite individuals who are seeking a challenging and inspiring environment to join us.   

If you're ready to be the best version of yourself and leave your mark on the Greater Boston Area, click here to view our open roles and send in your application. 


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